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    Hello, my name is Henri Fournier and I'm a Jamstack developer. That means I design and build unique, light-weight, fffast and effective websites. I always strive for everything to be pixle pixel perfect, because that's the way it should be. Yeaaah, I'm one of those people.

    Headshot of Henri Fournier
    • name
      Henri Fournier
    • experience
      36+ years
    • tech
      • Jamstack
      • Full Stack
      • Front-End
      • Back-End
    • code
      • TypeScript
      • JavaScript
      • C#
      • HTML
    • frameworks
      • Svelte
      • Astro
      • 11ty
      • AlpineJS
      • Angular
    • data
      • Sanity
      • MongoDB
      • JSON
      • SQL Server
    • styles
      • CSS
      • Tailwind
      • Bootstrap
    • speaks
      • English
      • Français
      • Grinch
      • Sarcasm
    • pronouns
      • He
      • Him


    A collection of recent, and sometimes ongoing, work using various technologies. These websites demonstrate our expertise in web design, development, and optimization. Whether you need a simple landing page or a custom web application, we can help.

    • Thomas Fournier website displayed on 4 types of devices

      Thomas Fournier


      A Toronto based actor/singer/director/playwright requiring a modern professional website displaying the breadth and depth of his skills.

    • Thomas Fournier website displayed on 4 types of devices

      Mathematizing 24/7


      Okanagan StartUp Weekend 2023: Designed and developed a calm and welcoming website in less than 48 hours [Astro, Tailwind CSS]. Our team was awarded 1st Prize.

    • Intratela website displayed on 4 types of devices



      Designed and developed four test websites, identical in appearance, each using a different framework to determine the optimal technological option(s) for future development projects [11ty, Angular, Astro, SvelteKit and Tailwind CSS].

    • JR Guitar website displayed on 4 types of devices

      JR Guitar


      Designed and developed a professional website with blog for a local guitar repair shop [11ty and Tailwind CSS].

    • Cover2Cover website displayed on 4 types of devices

      Cover 2 Cover


      Designed and developed a hip website with blog for a local classic rock dance band [11ty and Tailwind CSS].

    Meet the Team

    As a team of one, I am required to wear all the hats. This requires a wider range of skills and the ability to see and realize the bigger picture. It's not without its challenges, but that makes the results even more rewarding. And yes, I do realize that none of the floating heads below are actually wearing hats. Irony.

    Grand Fromage

    The Loonie stops here. The whole team answers to me and I answer to you. Simple.


    After years of using tools from Adobe, I switched to Affinity Designer, Photo and Publisher.


    I don't build websites from generic templates. I use Figma to design your site from scratch.


    The role where I'm most in my element. Check out the experience section for my evolution.

    Quality Control

    Testing, testing, testing, and the best possible Lighthouse scores. Guaranteed.

    Customer Support

    I never have to check with someone and get back to you. I can address all issues directly.


    With over 36 years of experience in software, I've done everything from programming mainframes to developing Jamstack websites and a whole lot of things in between. The fact that the landscape is always changing is part of what makes my work so interesting and challenging. There's always something new to learn and a problem to solve. Basically... I love a good puzzle. 🧩